More Than a Quarter Century of Success for Our Clients

Arizona Strategy

We act as strategic advisor to a whole host of clients from different private sector industries and backgrounds. We have 30+ years of context. We know how Arizona works, the culture of decision making, the people and issues that matter… and those that don’t. We know the important players, and they know us. We think holistically as problem solvers and make use of trust relationships and knowledge earned in decades of experience making things happen on behalf of our clients.


2nd to none in experience and understanding of the political dynamics that shape outcomes at the Arizona Legislature. Invaluable perspective with experience as elected member and committee chairman in both House and Senate.  Insiders point of view, combined with decades of experience promoting and defending client interests at the AZ House and Senate. Depth of experience and understanding with tax, water, energy, natural resource, financial, regulatory, homebuilding, tribal, insurance, and industrial manufacturing policies. Trust relationships with key members of the House and Senate and professional staff. Institutional knowledge of the Arizona Legislature.

Executive Branch

With 30+ years of active engagement at the State Capitol, a deep understanding of the complexities of the Executive Branch of Arizona. Unbeatable understanding of the Governor’s office, the largest state agencies, appointed leadership of key departments, inner workings of various executive institutions, and the politics surrounding the “9th Floor” where legislation is signed or rejected with the VETO stamp. Particular expertise with Arizona State Land Department, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Arizona Department of Water Resources, and other regulatory agencies of Arizona’s executive branch.

Corporation Commission

Copper State has more experience engaging with the Arizona Corporation Commission than all other lobbying firms combined. Unsurpassed experience and expertise with the politics and decision making process of the “4th Branch” of Arizona government. Over two decades of direct responsibility on behalf of clients engaged in utility scale electric generation and transmission development and permitting. Particular knowledge and expertise with the culture and processes of the Arizona Power Plant and Line Siting Committee. Understanding of regulated utility ratemaking politics and private water company regulatory dynamics. Keen understanding of energy challenges facing large industrial and commercial retail customers. Copper State has succeeded with controversial client objectives at the ACC while overcoming organized opposition.

Counties, Cities, & Towns

Copper State has experience and trust relationships with elected officials in most all of Arizona’s 15 counties and many of the 91 cities and towns. Significant experience on behalf of clients with Maricopa, Pinal, Mohave, La Paz, Coconino, Cochise, Yuma, and Navajo Counties. Significant experience with cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Avondale, Buckeye, Tempe, and Scottsdale. Significant experience with Towns of Queen Creek and Gilbert. We understand the politics and processes of Arizona counties and municipalities. Significant experience with local zoning, general plan, and land use issues.

Public Affairs

Copper State solves problems for clients as public affairs consultants. We have historic Arizona context and understanding that leads to creative solutions for clients facing public affairs challenges. We know how to identify key stakeholders, manage opposition, and organize grass roots efforts for maximum effect. Sometimes it is simply knowing who to call, or understanding what organization cares, or having the history of a particular issue or challenge at the ready. We know Arizona and how to resolve controversial issues for clients in the public square.


Copper State knows Arizona media… and perhaps more importantly, Arizona media knows Copper State. We serve as media consultant to our clients… knowing when to engage and with whom. We craft strategic messages, serve as spokesman, and act as a “buffer” between clients and uninformed and sometimes hostile media from national and local outlets. We understand the value of a good relationship with key reporters and editors. We engage in social media messaging and monitoring on behalf of clients. We are writers, editors, and context providers for our clients. Copper State founder Stan Barnes is well known as the “go to” expert for substantive, insightful Arizona political commentary in national and local media.