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Named Among The Most Influential Political Consultants in Arizona by Campaigns and Elections Magazine

We are lobbyists, we manage difficult issues, we understand regulatory politics, we make things happen with the media, and we act as strategic advisor to our clients.

 The Arizona Capitol, at sunrise.

The Arizona Capitol, at sunrise.

Our 22nd 

Arizona native and former State Senator Stan Barnes founded Copper State Consulting Group in 1997. From the beginning, the firm has developed a reputation for client success accomplished with integrity and good humor. Now celebrating our 22nd year, Stan and his experienced team take on the entire spectrum of public policy issues with an unmatched sense of Arizona political history and trust relationships.

"Lobbying. It's harder than it looks. Believability is key. Clients have to believe in you; elected officials have to believe in you. Knowing the process is just the beginning, understanding the unseen but very real forces that hold everything together in the world of politics... that's the value of experience."

- Stan Barnes


As registered lobbyists, Copper State Consulting Group takes issues directly to lawmakers and public officials. We know the Capitol, of course, but we also know the 15 counties and the many cities and towns that comprise Arizona. We open doors for clients, guiding them through the maze of state, local, and regulatory politics, even while preserving their good name and our well-earned reputation for treating people right.

The Arizona Capitol, at sunset.

"Tell the truth, tell all sides of the story and treat elected officials with honor and respect. Every now and then, push hard... and read them the riot act when they deserve it."

 - Stan Barnes


We are best in class in Arizona:

  • direct / indirect lobbying
  • AZ State Capitol / local governments
  • legislative / regulatory issues
  • Arizona Corporation Commission
  • bill / amendment / rule drafting
  • committee testimony
  • grassroots programs
  • coalition building / strategic alliances
  • monitoring / research / analysis
  • position papers / advocacy pieces
  • political action committees
  • elections
  • ballot measures
  • crisis management
  • media
 View from our office

View from our office

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