Emily Ryan

Emily joined Copper State in 2009. For 14 legislative sessions she has represented Copper State clients at the Arizona Capitol with her signature sharp intellect and good humor. She is a native Arizonan, and well versed on the complexities and culture of the State Capitol. Her reputation for integrity is second to none. As a result, Emily has a host of trust relationships with key decision makers in the legislative and executive branches of Arizona government. Her experience advocating on behalf of clients involves a wide variety of issues, but her true expertise is understanding the 90 individuals serving at the State House and Senate and how each fits in to the decision making process. Emily has an exceptional ability to read and understand people, which is highly valued by our clients that rely on her strategic advice. She puts these same skills to use as a professional jury consultant when not otherwise occupied during a legislative session. Emily is often cited by local and national media as an expert on the passing political scene in Arizona.