Do I Really Need a Lobbyist? 

True or False?

  • I am intimately familiar with the legislative process
  • I enjoy close, professional relationships with elected and executive branch officials
  • I am not worried that while away from the Capitol, my opponents are still working
  • I know the lobbyist rules for disclosure, registration, and ethics
  • I enjoy that "new kid in school"  feeling when I walk the halls of the Capitol and recognize no one
  • I am able to invest the time and intellectual capital to research the legislative history of my issue
  • I know for a fact that the adage "it's not what you know it's who you know" no longer applies 
  • I can write a killer letter that I know lawmakers will read and understand
  • I know the names of all legislators, where they are from, and how they got here
  • I am happy to spend all day, every day, from January until May at the Capitol
  • I know where the bathrooms are located in the Senate and House
  • I know which legislators are loyal to which state university. 
  • I like giving my personal money to candidates to pursue their dreams

If you can answer TRUE to all of the above, you do not need a lobbyist...

But perhaps you should seek professional assistance